SamuelBrian Studio is a creative studio set out to push the limits of creativity by making impactful pieces of content for brands of all types. 

Tired of working in cookie cutter situations where every step has a process and someone looking over your shoulder, Brian Donald set out to find a way to express his creativity his own way by taking on freelance projects of all kinds.  

Now a brand itself, SamuelBrian is much more than just a freelance graphic designer.  We are a creative studio expressing all types of creativity to give our clients what they came for.



Originally started as just a name for Brian Donald to do freelance design under, SamuelBrian has now developed into a full service creative studio that works with a variety of different clients using a variety of different applications.  


Starting in 2016, SamuelBrian has worked with clients in all types of different industries such as food service, wine & beer crafting, home care, 


Brian has worked hard at expanding the services and capabilities that SamuelBrian can offer by educating himself and learning new skills and tools to get the jobs done in a quality manner. 




Since a young age Brian has always enjoyed identifying the shapes, colors and objects that we see in our everyday life.  Many years later it has formed into his need to express his thoughts and creativity in different forms of artistic work.  At the age of eighteen, frustrated with college's rhetoric lectures and uninspiring  homework, Brian began combining his love for Northern California and design by launching a graphic t-shirt clothing company with a friend. With a business plan and financial backing established he educated himself with design, sourcing, manufacturing, sales and marketing.  The company was later receiving requests for graphic design work and t-shirt manufacturing.  

Established with a portfolio of work, Brian went back to college in 2016 at the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University to study Graphic Information Technology and Marketing.  Brian's degree combines design, usability, content creation, web development and marketing into one major.  

It may seem backwards to have happy clients first and then college but Brian says this path has led him to the excitement of designing late into the nights, wanting to capture the perfect light with his camera and continuing to identify those shapes in the world around us.




Maria, also known as Lupita, also the wife of Brian, graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Business Administration specializing in Marketing.  After college Lupita's natural talent of coordinating and organizing a business came to light while working at Fruta All Natural Ice Cream. Lupita is a great asset to our team with not only her amazing marketing ideas,  but her experience in business administration, human resources and logistics.


With by far the best eye for aesthetic on our team she is always finding ways to make things look as high quality and on trend as possible so that our clients brands are as impactful as possible.    




With a massive portfolio in portrait photography, Kevin is our go to guy for lookbook and lifestyle photography in Southern and Northern California.  Working as a contracted freelance photographer, we often outsource his services for our clients due to how enjoyable he is to work with as well as his top notch quality of work. 

With a degree in Communications from San Francisco State University in hand and several years of experience in the photography industry, Kevin has gone on to establish himself a large following on social media where he has dedicated fans following his work very closely.  




A Sonoma native, Seattle transplant free-spirited girl that loves to create!

Olivia is general project manager here at SamuelBrian and also the favorite (& only) sister of Brian.  With experience in organizing and coordinating teams of people, shows and events Olivia is a great asset to our team here at SamuelBrian Studio. 

A graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, Olivia is a true dramatist at heart.  Earning a degree in Musical Theatre, Olivia has specialized in everything from play writing to stage combat.  Although these are awesome skills, we use her for her skills in organizing and leading groups of people, her out of the box creative ideas and of course her ability to step into almost any creative position and be of great help.  

At SamuelBrian, Olivia manages our project status, does on site assistant and camera work at shoots, edits photo and video, and works hard to develop and maintain SamuelBrian's network of clients and partners.  


We develop and maintain brands that matter with our variety of skills and experiences to ensure that our clients reach their highest potential in terms of customer impact and sales potential. 


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